Order - Chaos Handmade Lacquered Black Paper

Printmaking: Screen printing and Ink on Paper.

Order - Chaos on Handmade Lacquered Black Paper

Order Chaos, the concept behind the series of screen prints comes from the dualistic nature of the Dangerous Minds practice. Playing on the chaotic and emotional nature of the heart contrasted and balance by the ordered and analytical brain. These print are a stripped down and meditative interpretation of order and chaos, emotion and thought.

Hand pulled 2 colour screen prints 76cm x 51cm each.

Screen printed on to a beautiful handmade lacquered paper with a Dangerous Minds embossed seal.
This paper looks like old leather.

Limited edition print series of 125 each, signed and numbered by the artists with a certificate of authenticity.

These prints will be posted in a durable cardboard tube.

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