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Picking up from our last blog, we are extremely excited following the success of our show ‘Illuminated Abstraction’ at M&C Saatchi. What an evening it was! The turnout was stupendous, the atmosphere was electrifying (quite literally with all the neon blazing around the gallery), the crowd were chic and the vibe was amazing. Check some pics here…

Dangerous Minds Artists Dangerous Minds Artists Dangerous Minds Artists

Dangerous Minds Artists Dangerous Minds Artists Dangerous Minds Artists

We thought we would take this opportunity to express our gratitude and acknowledge all those who were involved in making the show a success. We want to begin by thanking M&C Saatchi for all their help and gracious hospitality, Bering Ice Vodka for kindly supplying the Vodka, Jet Smarter for giving away a return journey of 2 on one of their private jets and most importantly, all the lovely people who took time out from their pressing schedule to visit the show- our heartfelt thanks to you all!

‘Illuminated Abstraction’ featured eight  new neon works from the ‘Linear Musings’  series, specially created for the show, as well as works from ‘Dutch Whispers’ and ‘Order and Chaos’ collections. There was also an opportunity to acquire some unique limited edition Valentines gifts…both cryptic and provocative…! The collection was inspired by our love of duality, ambiguity, point and counterpoint.

The Linear Musing series, which attracted a lot of attention from our guests, utilises a series of subliminal elements to draw the viewer in…a nostalgic recognition of the Damask flock motif, acts as an entry point and support for a collection of other subliminal elements.These include historic references to Mills and Boone romantic novellas of the 1960’s, deconstructed magical symbols and knowing references to the cycle of life, implied in the use of funeral wreath lettering. So, what may at first may resemble a decorative panel in an amusement arcade,  actually becomes a symbol laden meditation on the complexities of life.

Whilst the guests enjoyed their drinks provided by our generous sponsor Bering Ice Vodka, Sarah Williams, Head of Art Buying at M&C Saatchi engaged us in a lively Q&A session during which she asked questions ranging from our creative origins and inspirations right through to what’s coming next from Dangerous Minds Studio… Watch this space!!!

Dangerous Minds Artists  Dangerous Minds Artists

The chatty bit was followed by the picking of the raffle winners… the announcement of the lucky recipient of the pair of Red Lacquer Order and Chaos prints was followed by the announcement of the ‘online app raffle’ organised by our other kind sponsors… Jet Smarter, who gave away a pair of exclusive seats on a private jet, to the lucky winner… check them out here.  As the evening came to a close, guests continued to chat, and upped the glamour quotient, delightedly taking  loads of selfies in front of the shimmering neon art…

Some were keen to know what’s next for us, and all we had to say was stay tuned for further exciting developments as we prepare for a major show at The Underdog Gallery from April 21st … Further communication inevitable…!

Dangerous Minds Artists       Bank The Last Love You Buy 01        Dangerous Minds Artists

Here’s what some of the guests had to say:


  • Sarah Williams, Head of Art Buying, M&C Saatchi, “ Their use of found materials incorporated with light and the theme of duality means each piece is truly unique whilst also retaining a strong identity for the duo. I find their work captivating and their passion and drive to create, boundless. They are definitely ones to watch.”


  • Meihuiliu_@dangerous_minds_artists it was great art, can’t wait for your next one. Thank you very much (Instagram)


  • FLOCK @weareflock- Oh, what a lovely evening @MCSaatchiLondon with @DangerouMinds. Great work, perfect company and superb vodka tonic. (Twitter)


  • Vernataylorbarker- Lovely evening at the @dangerous_minds_artists (Michael Lake-McMillan & Alan Stuart) exhibition hosted by @mcsaatchipr in Golden Square. Thank you guys for inviting me to view your amazing work. Looking forward to receiving my scarf! #art #neon #glitter #flock #skipdivers #nevermindthebolloxs #thelondonlook #stylist

If you are interested in buying any of our collections or would like to know more, please send an email to or telephone us on 07525 893 317