The DANGEROUS MINDS ARTISTS Studio was founded by Michael Lake-McMillan and Alan Stuart. The artists’ distinctive work constantly refers and returns to the touchstones of light, beauty in decay, abandonment and antiquated typography.

Dangerous Minds practice is driven by duality. The pairs’ intuitive subliminal dialogue centres on point and counterpoint and the production of works that are, fundamentally, aesthetically appealing and which, on further inspection, inspire curiosity and cause a ripple of intellectual stimulation. Subject matter is considered in depth, deconstructed then reformulated with an essential duality at its core. Often incorporating ambiguous or cryptic text elements relating to a parallel narrative.

Key to their oeuvre is the juxtaposition of the immediately apparent and that which only becomes visible through physical change – either in the position of the viewer or in the lighting of the work, whether specifically engineered or occurring naturally with the transition of day into night.

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Solo Exhibitions

2015 (London): ‘Order/Chaos’, Dangerous Minds Studio
2017 (London): ‘Illuminated Abstraction’ M&C Saatchi
2017 (London): ‘As We Step into Chaos’ The Underdog Gallery
2017 (Liverpool): ‘Panartum’ Fusion Festival
2018 (London): Poping Up The LAF, LAF Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2015 (London): ‘Piercing the Veil’, Simmons & Simmons
2015 (London): ‘Let Them Eat Steak’, Mark Hix CB Gallery
2016 (London): ‘A Third Dimension’, Gallery Different
2016 (London): ‘Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness, Only Light Can Do That’ Lights of Soho
2016 (London): ‘The Christmas Faire’, The Underdog Gallery, London Bridge
2016 (London): ‘Paper and Bronze’, Gallery Different
2017 (London): Flourish, Espacio Gallery
2017 (London): FFOUND, Woolff Gallery
2018 (London): Kiss Masks, Gallery Different
2018 (London): Summer Exhibition, Bronwen Whitaker
2018 (London): Summer Showcase, Gallery Different
2018 (London): Punk Pop & Propaganda, Herrick Gallery
2018 (London): FFOUND, Woolff Gallery
2018 (London): More Popular than Jesus, Tileyard
2019 (London): Kiss, Gallery Different

Charity Auctions

2015 (London): Gifted Art Auction
2016 (London): All Our Hearts Beat As One
2016 (London): Education for the Children
2017 (London): Art Around The Child
2018 (London): The Lost and Foundry Project